“Janice is a brilliant and experienced coach. She uses her powerful combination of many years of HR industry experience and expertise, coupled with her intuition and connection ability to deliver guidance.  She pinpoints who you really are as a person and guides you towards your truest path. I would highly recommend teaming up with Janice to navigate career changes/transitions. Within just one conversation with Janice, you will see she is talented, caring, and easy to connect with.”
A. Dakin, District Sales Manager

“I worked with Janice Heller for several years at EMC in the $3.6b Symmetrix and Virtualization Product Group. I was the VP of a newly created team called Integrated Customer Operations. The General Manager of the business unit was implementing an organizational model based on a Think-Plan-Do-Check philosophy and our team would be the “Check” part of that model. This was implemented globally and saying this was a huge change for the teams is a complete understatement. The organization had been static for many years and quite frankly resistant to change. It was difficult for everyone. 

Janice was my HR business partner during those years. In the true sense of the title (partner), she helped us tremendously. Although HR was a separate entity in the company, I considered Janice an important team member. Her advice was critical for us successfully creating this new organization. 

Janice has a way of understanding the business objectives, knowing the challenges people will face, offering guidance when needed, AND, also working with personnel 1×1 to help them get through the changes. She is excellent at helping executives (SVP, VP), directors, managers, and individual contributors … truly a fantastic skill to be able to speak to all levels of the company. 

I think very highly of Janice and if you need a smart, hardworking, goal AND people focused person, hire Janice Heller! If you would like to know more about Janice, feel free to contact me as I always will have time for her and anyone who wants to get better with her help. Janice is a special individual that will make you and your organization better.” 
E. Jones, V.P. Global Services Assurance

“Janice is a highly intuitive career coach who really helped me identify my strengths and skills and how they could be leveraged in different types of jobs.  In addition, Janice worked with me to find compelling language to highlight those skills in the summary of my resume.  She challenged me to think about what was really needed to bring my resume to life and what I could eliminate.  Janice’s knowledge, experience, guidance and warm personality helped me get on the right path for my job search.”  
S.W., client

“Working with Janice was a great decision. When faced with what to do next in my career, meeting with Janice allowed me to clarify what was important to me. Her unique mixture of HR experience and counseling skills are invaluable. She helped me uncover blindspots, build up self-confidence, and successfully land an awesome job! Thanks Janice!”
J.M., client

“Janice helped me structure my resume as well as clarify my career identity and values. During this process, she was gentle and consultative, while also highly structuring. As we went through the meetings, she had creative ideas, particularly in regards to wording, flow, and especially the formation and adaptation of my headline. In my career process, it was exceedingly important to construct a headline that was highly descriptive of who I am, and indicative of what I would like to do. She really helped me focus on what I would like to do, versus the industry or specific role. I think this skills-focused process was wonderful. On the side, Janice served as a counselor and even career-therapist. Her Master’s in this field showed through brightly! I’m grateful that Janice was referred to me by a family friend. I would recommend her highly.”
J.W., client

“Working with Janice was a great experience! She helped me realize all the ways I could help myself in my job search. This included behaviors and approaches I hadn’t even considered might be impacting how I presented myself to potential employers, such as my confidence. She showed me how to rephrase my resume to include all the skills I hadn’t even thought about. I’m happy to say I now have a new job. Janice’s coaching opened so many doors for me, and helped me move forward to my new career.”
C.F., client

“Janice was equipped to understand my unique career situation and offer an abundance of great advice. The questions she asked of me invoked deep consideration of my values and criteria for a fulfilling career. I recommend her guidance to anyone seeking to find their most professional version of themselves.”
N.W., client

I am so glad that I decided to contact Janice and work with her! The past few months have been a whirlwind of change for me. I have been re-defining my priorities in life, and working with her was so helpful during that process. I really appreciated the insights that she shared with me. I received so much more clarity after our sessions. She is a great coach and I truly appreciate her wisdom and guidance.”
B.B., client

“Janice is an amazing coach! I am trying to start my own business, so we speak weekly to talk about my progress. It’s amazing how she asks all the right questions to get me to think about what is necessary for me to do or analyze. Her questions are incredibly thoughtful and so intuitive. I have made so much progress, and am moving in the right direction. Her years of experience in HR are so helpful too!”  

K.S., client

“Janice is a great help. Her caring support got me back on track countless times. She did not let me hide in metaphor; rather, Janice waited, or questioned as needed, until I could be specific and concrete about my needs, wants, feelings, and hopes.”
N.H., client

“I’ve worked with Janice for several years and seen the impact she can have on individuals, teams and organizations. Leveraging a direct and insightful style and strong interpersonal skills, Janice can help identify obstacles, blind spots and opportunities toward the goal of reaching full potential. Janice has a proven ability to break complex problems into manageable parts and provide clarity and direction. Her personal commitment, engagement and motivation have touched many lives and careers.” 
J. Cunningham, Sr. Director, Human Resources at EMC

“Janice brings a wealth of experience to her coaching. Her years of HR experience, along with a strong intuitive sense, enables her to go directly to the core issue and support her clients at a deep level. Janice’s high level of caring and compassion add to her strengths and coaching skills, and provide a solid foundation for supporting clients in life and work transitions. I have experienced Janice’s strong coaching support and recommend her highly.”
T. Pratt, Executive Coach

“Janice is one of the most experienced HR professionals I have ever known. Her combination of practice areas across a wide array of business areas from high technology to finance and education makes her a truly universal player. Her depth of knowledge on not only employment and HR issues but business in general is an asset that cannot be missed. I would highly recommend Janice for any company determined to upgrade their overall HR practices.”
K. Girrell, Advisor to Top Performing CEO’s, Executive Leadership Coach


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