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A Career Coach’s Work/Life Journey!

In my senior year of high school, I, like many others, believed there was THE perfect career direction. I would go to college and after graduation, find the work I would do for the rest of my life. I didn’t realize all the twists and turns that life would have!

I selected the field of Speech Therapy as my major. It sounded interesting in the college catalogue, and it had a focus on helping people, which after years of Girl Scouts and community service was important to me. However, by my junior year, while I liked helping people, I began to realize this wasn’t the right vehicle.

Now what? I asked myself, “How do I find my life path?” I soon discovered I had a lot of interests. How do I sort through them to find THE perfect career?

I was reminded of this dilemma recently when working with a client overwhelmed by all her interests. She kept getting confused about how to pick the one perfect job. Every time she would start down a road thinking this is IT, she would get stuck and doubt her direction: “What if I don’t like doing this? What if I can’t earn a living?”

Instead of feeling stuck because she couldn’t identify the perfect job for the rest of her life, we’ve been working together to re-frame her thinking.  First, by letting go of the idea of seeking the “one” perfect job, she is able to embrace her range of interests and potential options. Second, she is learning how to create a clear picture of her passions, skills and knowledge. From this information she is developing a goal of her “best fit” for her next career step. She is now on track for her “pathway to success” with a solid foundation for future career choices.

Like my client, I used to think that something was “wrong” with me because I couldn’t find THE “right” path. Changes in location, changes in jobs, a desire for additional schooling – these have all been a part of my journey. Sometimes corporate layoffs pushed me in a direction I wasn’t planning on. The key was to not see the curves and changes as setbacks or failures. I didn’t have that perspective right away, but as I look back I am amazed at the opportunities that came to me.

Now, I’ve reached another place in my career pathway – my own coaching and work/life practice! As I reflect on all the changes, twists and turns, I have a greater appreciation of how this journey has formed my approach to the state of “work” and our abilities to grow and find our way through it.

With over 30 years of corporate and life experience, I am excited to help you on your career and work/life journey! I love the work I do and I look forward to partnering with you on your discovery path.